Senior Software Developer

Kevin, spending his life in Colorado, has had an affinity for programming computers spanning back to elementary school.  Fast forward a little and you find him attending the Metropolitan State College of Denver. This is where he earned a degree in Theoretical Mathematics and minored in Computer Information Systems.

Since college, Kevin has been flexing his software development muscle. Writing programs and building web sites for the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association, the Denver Regional Transportation District, and the Granite Companies. All while keeping a healthy serving of hobby development on the side, getting his hands dirty with the latest technologies.

Presently, as a Senior Software Developer with R Investments. Kevin has centered his passion, attention, and skilled mind on the Sidewinder platform. Working in tandem with the rest of the IT team to build a web application that manages integral parts of the R Investments overall process.

Outside the office, Kevin spends his time with his wife and three young children. He enjoys the creative side of life playing the guitar and piano as well as reading a good book. Kevin also enjoys a little woodworking here and there.