Hannah Hannah comes from a long line of cowboys and cattle ranchers.  Her heart has always been in the high country of Colorado where she lives, works, and plays.

Hannah’s life on her family’s ranch was ,in her opinion, what gave her the foundation of who she is today.  Hard work was a huge part of her upbringing but it was also balanced with her passion for expanding her imagination.  Hannah went on to become a professional extreme sports athlete and the first female to achieve doing a backflip on a mountain bike. She is now the mother of 2 young boys and works for her brothers real-estate investment company, R. Investments.

Her passion for inspiring and offering a hand up to people in need has been fostered through her work with R. Investments.  Hannah played a large part in establishing R. Investments private security team, R’k Angels Protection Group, where she was able to be boots on the ground and establish safety and security for R. Investments resident clients.

Hannah is now taking part in building the R. Investments name through social media as well as introducing investors to R. Investments Social Impact Investments.