Manager, IT & Software Design

Dusten grew up in Murray, Utah and as a child, he spent most of his time taking things apart and putting them back together again. This included the family’s first desktop computer at the age of 10. He remembers getting in a lot of trouble for that. However, when given an ultimatum by his parents – “If you can make it work again we’ll buy you your own computer, if not, you’re grounded for a month,” he stepped up to the plate and successfully got it working again. He was hooked on technology from that point on – always as his first hobby. From a young age he was intrigued by the creative and complex design of the world around him. He has always been driven by expanding his understanding of the delicate balance between the procedural and random creativity that exists in life. These qualities as a foundation allowed him to develop a spectrum of skills for understanding and interacting in many fields.

While he has always had a passion for technology, his career didn’t align with his passion until about four years ago. He was hired as a customer service representative for Granite Companies and within 30 days of implementing his ideas on improving the company’s technology, he landed a position in IT. This expanded into a dual position as Network Administrator and Software Developer within the year.

These days, Dusten continues to solve problems on a daily basis for R Investments. He does everything from developing new construction software to tech support to developing new streamlined technology processes. When he comes across a challenge, he takes it on not only with analytical skill, but a creative approach. This allows for a more humanistic design in all technological platforms. It also allows him to align his approach with the vision of R Investments, together changing the world.